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As the first student-led energy and sustainable development conference in Turkey, the Graduate Student Conference on Energy and Sustainable Development (GS-CESD) aims at achieving to forge a link between professionals, academics, and students in the energy field. The 3rd Graduate Student Conference on Energy and Sustainable Development (GS-CESD 2020) is going to be held in May 8, 2020 at Kadir Has University.

Energy is a basic necessity for all industrial fields and every action that we are doing in our daily lives; it is also a sector which gradually becomes bigger.

The objective of the Center for Energy and Sustainable Development (CESD), where energy experts from various fields work, is to conduct education and research activities at the local, regional and global level on energy issues relevant to Turkey and its environs, and to share the information, commentary and analyses that are the outcome of these activities with the national and international public and thus to contribute to sustainable development. Thanks to the Center, education and research activities conducted at Kadir Has University in the field of energy is strengthened and work of international standards out, leading to a broadening of the scope and nature of education and research activities in the field of energy.

The Center also contributes to the education of the human resources necessary to solve the various energy problems faced in the 21st century. Energy and Sustainable Development Master’s Program and the CESD are working coordinately for this purpose.

Considering the fact that energy companies are generally located in Istanbul and its surrounding area, it is needed to open new higher education programs specifically focused on energy. Even though a number of graduate programs on energy have been opened in recent years, these programs are far from meeting the needs of the sector due to their contextual and structural features. They generally focus on a certain aspect of energy, neglecting its interdisciplinary nature. It is expected that Energy and Sustainable Development (ESD) Thesis/Non-Thesis Master’s Program, which was opened in the 2016-2017 academic year at Kadir Has University, will fill the gap in this area as it brings together several disciplines in social sciences, physical sciences, and engineering.